Our Advantages

Easy to use

Only 5 minutes! Arrange your orders correctly and reasonably in your route.

Remarkable Effect

Quickly improve your route planning capabilities and make your delivery fast and good.

Quality Assurance

Simple rate system, rapid service response, regular system upgrades, and perfect trial and services continue to exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us

Smart Planning

According to the number of your orders and the number of drivers, quickly create the most optimized delivery route for you, and consider all your requirements for efficiency, cost, speed, delivery time and workload, making it simple and controllable.

Easy To Understand

SuperRoute is carefully designed at each step, with the attitude of craftsmanship, it strives to perfect and simplify the operation steps of each step, and implements the simple and easy-to-use design principles on the interface display to ensure that you and your driver can get started quickly. That is,  learning and using.


SuperRoute leaves a flexible business space for your distribution service. We support the operation of multiple vehicles, multiple points and multiple lines. Whether it is batch processing of large orders or multiple daily departures, SuperRoute can help you organize well.

3 Clients In 1

The management, driver, distribution ends are all in one. SuperRoute completely starts from business practice, fully considers the business status and organizational form of small and medium-sized enterprises, and comprehensively solves the order introduction, driver management, and route planning in a set of systems. With all functions such as exporting distribution orders, we not only solve the routing problem for you, but also help you build and improve the distribution system from scratch.

Fully Controllable

From the time importing  orders to SuperRoute, we will track the status of each order for you in real time, improve your management efficiency, and ensure your delivery quality.


Simple Rate

SuperRoute always treats every customer equally. We believe that only high-quality services can get the support of customers. So in SuperRoute, we have no complicated price system, no hidden fees, and no contract restrictions. We charge every order, every order Starting from  $0.19. Each new user is provided with a free trial service for up to 14 days.

1 Normal offer is $ 0.29, more than 50 orders per day, $ 0.19 per order
2 This quotation is quoted in Canadian dollars, subject to the relevant sales tax in accordance with tax laws

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